Dreamy nights of classical music with a view to the Aegean

Established in 2016, the Koufonisia Classical Music Festival has become an important pillar of culture in the Cyclades, hosting highly acclaimed, world-class artists from Greece and abroad, offering unforgettable moments to the audience.

It is led by its Artistic Director, conductor and pianist, Kornilios Michailidis, ensuring quality, variety and immediacy. In addition to the masterpieces of the international classical repertoire, the Festival seeks to connect with the past and the rich cultural heritage of the region, providing an invaluable cultural proposal and a magical experience addressed to everyone.


Stay tuned for the 2024 festival program!


18 July 2023
A Path into Romanticism
Liya Petrova, David Lively
Violin - Piano Recital
21 July 2023
The Versatile Saxophone
Jess Gillam, Leif Kaner-Lidstrom, Sam Becker
Saxophone - piano - double bass
25 July 2023
4 Centuries of Mandolin
Avi Avital, Simos Papanas, Antonis Sousamoglou, David Bogorad, Dimos Goudaroulis
Mandolin - string quartet
29 July 2023
Expressions of Love
Nefeli Mousoura, Alexandros Gavriilidis-Petrin, Timotheos Gavriilidis-Petrin
Piano trio
03 August 2023
Blue(s) Moon
Anastasios Pappas, Christos Papageorgiou, Vilen Karapetian, Panos Thoidis
2 pianos, double bass, drums
15 July 2022
Belle Époque
Nicolas Baldeyrou, Laurent Wagschal
Clarinet-piano recital
20 July 2022
Beyond Darkness
Sarah Christian, Maximilian Hornung, Hisako Kawamura
Piano-trio recital
27 July 2022
The Hero’s Journey
Vassilis Varvaresos
Piano recital
04 August 2022
Marlis Petersen, Stephan Matthias Lademann
Lied recital
08 August 2022
Road trip to freedom
Valeriy Sokolov, Hawijch Elders, Ilias Livieratos, Aleksey Shadrin, Kornilios Michailidis
String quartet – piano
12 June 2021
Prefestival Concert
Athens State Orchestra
“Metallon” Brass & Percussion sextet
14 July 2021
Songs for Maya
Olga Peretyatko, Matthias Samuil
Opera recital with famous Russian opera diva Olga Peretyatko
17 July 2021
Echoes Of Life
Alice Sara Ott
Piano recital by the one of the most in-demand pianists, German-Japanese soloist Alice Sara Ott
22 July 2021
Berezovsky – Berezovsky
Boris Berezovsky, Evelyne Berezovsky
A fiery piano recital by the two great Russian performers
27 July 2021
Here goes my song…
Tassis Christoyannis, Giannis Tsanakaliotis, Ioulita Iliopoulou
A journey to Greek poetry from antiquity to the present day
31 July 2021
Musical Polychromy
Spyros Mourikis, Natalia Michailidou
A "colorful" clarinet-piano recital, covering a wide and diverse range of the repertoire
19 July 2020
Happy Birthday Ludwig
Athens String Quartet (Athens State Orchestra) & Natalia Michailidou
Celebration of Beethoven's 250th Anniversary
29 July 2020
Lighter than air
Stathis Karapanos & Nefeli Mousoura
Flute - piano recital with works by Debussy, Mozart, Beethoven, Poulenc
7 August 2020
To the Distant Beloved
Andreas Wolf  & Matthias Alteheld
Dedication to German Lied
23 August 2020
Zenith of Romanticism
Alexia Mouza
Piano recital with works by Chopin, Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov
25 August 2020
Russian Masters
Nikolay Lugansky & Pavel Gomziakov
Piano - cello recital with works by  Chopin, Frank, Debussy, Shostakovich
29 August 2020
The Soldier's Tale
Kornilios Michailidis, Marilena Katranidou, Athens State Orchestra & Michail Marmarinos
Igor Stravinsky | Musical Theatre*
15 July 2019
Music as Medicine
Dr. Athanasios Dritsas & Natalia Michailidou
Lecture with intercalary piano pieces
18 July 2019
Dances for 4 hands
James Sherlock & Kornilios Michailidis
Symphonic Dances for 2 pianos
20 July 2019
3 Milleniums of Greek Music
LyrAvlos Ensemble
Concert with reconstructed ancient Greek instruments
22 July 2019
The Devil's Trill
Simos Papanas & Daniela Damianova
Violin Recital
24 July 2019
Open Masterclass
Koufonisia Classical Music Festival String Academy
Open lesson to select participants by Simos Papanas
26 July 2019
Rising Stars
Academy participants along with Simos Papanas
Closing Concert of String Academy
28 July 2019
Wind from Berlin
Christoph Hartmann & Jaan Ots
Oboe & Piano Recital
30 July 2019
Onde Antiche e Moderne
Mascoulisse Quartet
Quartet for 4 trombones
1 August 2019
Myrto Papatanasiu in Recital
Myrto PApatanasiu & Dimitris Yakas
Great arias of the operatic repertoire
18 July 2018
Theodora Baka & Maria Papapetropoulou
Music for voice & piano on the subject of love
Koufonisia Classical Festival - Russian Soul
25 July 2018
Tatiana Samouil & Irina Lankova
Piano a& violin recital with works by Prokofiev, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky
Koufonisia Classical Festival - Σαξόφωνο
1 August 2018
Theodore Kerkezos & Friends
Chamber music works & musical theater featuring the saxophone
Koufonisia Classical Festival - Μιχαηλίδης Πιάνο
10 August 2018
Kornilios Michailidis
Piano recital as tribute to Scriabin
Koufonisia Classical - Tango Mono Κουιντέτο
18 August 2018
Tango Mono
Piazzola works for piano, violin, accordion, double bass, and electrical guitar quintet
Koufonisia Classical Festival - Πιάνο και Βιολοντσέλο
28 August 2018
David Lively & Francois Guye
Piano & cello recital – a musical duet reunion
Κονσέρτο Πιάνου και Όμποε - Ναταλία Μιχαηλίδου & Ευάγγελος Χριστόπουλος
20 July 2017
Piano & Oboe Concert
Natalia Michailidou & Evangelos Christopoulos
Presenting works of the Greek and international repertoire
Ρεσιτάλ Πιάνου και Βιολιού - Jari Valo & Μιχαηλίδου
31 July 2017
Piano & Violin Concert
Jari Valo & Natalia Michailidou
With works of Brahms and Beethoven, and traditional Finnish songs for piano and violin
Ρεσιτάλ Πιάνου και Βιολοντσέλου - Aare Tammesalu & Νομίδου
9 August 2017
Piano & Violoncello Concert
Aare Tammesalu & Alexandra Nomidou
With works by Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Kapp
Ρεσιτάλ Πιάνου και Βιολιού - Kreeta-Julia Heikkila και Κορνήλιος Μιχαηλίδης
20 August 2017
Piano & Violin Concert
Kreeta-Julia Heikkila & Kornilios Michailidis
With works by Sibelius, Brahms, Ravel
Συναυλία Τζαζ Πιάνου και Κοντραμπάσου - Λάντσιας και Κλαμπάνης
29 August 2017
Jazz Piano & Double Bass Concert
Stavros Lantsias & Petros Klampanis
Ρεσιτάλ Πιάνου - Jaan Ots & Κορνήλιος Μιχαηλίδης
22 July 2016
Piano Recital
Jaan Ots & Kornilios Michailidis
Piano Recital with works of Chopin, Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Dvorak, Debusy
Κονσέρτο Πιάνου και Όμποε - Ναταλία Μιχαηλίδου & Ευάγγελος Χριστόπουλος
27 July 2016
Piano & Oboe Concert
Natalia Michailidou & Evangelos Christopoulos
With works by Mozart, Poulenc, Ravel, Bousset, Mpalta
9 August 2016
Piano & Violin Concert
Nefeli Mousoura & Margarita Nastouli
With works by J. S. Bach, Schumann, Brahms
Κονσέρτο Άρπας και Φωνής - Αβραμίδου και MC & The 7 Pedals
17 August 2016
Harp & Voice Concert
Sofia Avramidou & MC & The 7 Pedals
Musical collaboration of the two artists, presenting works of the Greek and international repertoire

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Easily accessible on foot or by car


Michailidis Residence, Ano Koufonisi

To access the venue from Hora:

Starting from "Kolonaki" store, walk towards the helipad.
After the helipad, walk for about 700 meters.